Chemical Physics Ph.D. Program

The program for a Ph.D. degree leads to mastery at a high level of the fundamental principles in the area defined by the overlap of the traditional chemistry and physics disciplines. The graduate student in Chemical Physics who seeks the Ph.D. degree is expected to expend the major effort on a research problem which culminates in a dissertation. To reach this goal the candidate will conduct independent research under the guidance of a preceptor, prepare and present a dissertation on the study, and demonstrate that it adds significant new knowledge to an area of Chemical Physics. The course requirements are designed to prepare the student for this major challenge of graduate education.

General Information

Candidacy Examination

The Candidacy Examination is described in the Doctoral Program Requirements.

Preceptor Selection

The selection of a research advisor is a major step in a student's program and a formal system of interviews has been developed. To initiate the procedure, the student will obtain a preceptor selection form and designate a minimum of 5 chemical physics faculty members (at least one member each of the Chemistry and Physics Department) that he/she wishes to interview. Students are encouraged to interview as many chemical physics faculty members as they feel may provide research programs of interest. Students entering the program fall semester must submit to the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee their preceptor preference list on the last Friday of classes of autumn semester or at the latest the Friday of the 10th week of spring semester. For students entering at other times, this must be done no later than the Friday of the 10th week of their second semester at The Ohio State University.

Dissertation and Final Oral Examination

The candidate must submit a satisfactory dissertation and pass a Final Oral Examination in order to qualify for the Ph.D.

Graduate School

The student must fulfill all of the Graduate School requirements. The current requirements and the order in which they must be fulfilled are listed in the Graduate School Handbook.

Foreign Language

All international students who are not citizens of countries in which English is the official language are required to be certified in spoken English prior to the end of the second semester of study, not including Summer Term, by the department (Chemi stry or Physics) wherein they hold a TA appointment. In addition, the Graduate School requires that English XXXX (a writing course) or its equivalent be completed within one year of entering graduate school.

Sample Plan

A sample plan for courses to take during graduate school.