Doctoral Program Requirements


The requirements specific to the Chemical Physics Doctoral program are as follows:

The purpose of coursework in the Ph.D. program is to prepare the student to take the General Examinations for the Ph.D. (written and oral) and to undertake work on a significant original investigation in chemical physics which culminates in the doctoral dissertation.

To this end the student will be required to demonstrate proficiency in a number of specific subject areas. The normal method of demonstrating proficiency is to successfully complete a prescribed set of courses. However, in exceptional cases, the Graduate Studies Committee has the discretion to accept other evidence of the student's proficiency.

Course requirements for Ph.D. Candidates

The graduate degree program in Chemical Physics has several options including terminal M.S. degree, M.S. degree followed by Ph.D., and Ph.D. degree, not preceded by the M.S. degree.

The choice among these programs will be determined on the basis of the student's academic record and his/her performance on the Integrated Oral Examination (IOE).

Other requirements for Ph.D. Candidates